Group DianeBelgium

With extremely experimented assaulters, snipers, K9 handlers and divers, the Group Diane serves as Belgium’s tier one and ultimate armed police force. Those humble professionals, highly respected in the elite units community have acquired a huge amount of operational experience through the different terror attacks that have shook the country in the recent past.


The Brazilian Federal Police Tactical Operations Command is a specially trained and equipped tactical unit deployed in high-risk, violent and sensitive law enforcement situations such as hostage rescue and counter-terrorism operations in all types of terrain with national jurisdiction allover the huge 8,515,767 km2 and 203 millions inhabitants country.


The Special Operations Force is a highly specialized unit of the Peruvian Navy, capable of operating  from the 3 dimensions. It is one of the most capable units within the Peruvian Armed Forces. It is responsible for conducting special operations, beach reconnaissance, maritime counter-terrorism and other high tactical value missions.