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Fall 2022 Edition – 015

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Fall 2022 Edition – 015

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This issue includes :

  • CPA10 (France)
  • SPEZ DET (Switzerland)
  • EOEP (Greece)



The “Commando parachutiste de l’air numéro 10” (Air Paratrooper Commando number 10) is a French Special Forces unit of the Air and Space Force and attached to the Special Operations Command (COS). It is at the forefront in all the French Army theaters of operation. Highly specialized in counter terrorism, hostage liberation, high value target capture and neutralization, air guidance and airfields recovery, it is always at the core of France most acute international crises.


Geopolitical changes and evolving security conditions required specific capabilities. Therefore, the Military Police Special Detachment was integrated to the Swiss Army Special Force Command. The MP Spez Det is a specially trained and equipped tactical unit which specializes in high-risk and special (military) police missions nationally and abroad. Due to its unique legal status, the unit is deployed in a very variable manner and closes the gap between army and police.


When it comes to safely resolve high risk critical incidents, the Hellenic Coast Guard can count on the tip of the spear EOEP unit. By maintaining a high level of operational readiness through constant training, preparedness and the acquisition of state of the art tactical equipment, the team serves also as the guardians of the Port of Piraeus, one of the largest and busiest in the world.