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Winter 2021 Edition – 014

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Winter 2021 Edition – 014

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This issue includes :

  • GIOE (Portugal)
  • 5th Unit & 1st Unit (Finland)
  • EKAM (Greece)



The National Republican Guard (Portuguese: Guarda Nacional Republicana) is the national Gendarmerie force of Portugal. GIOE (Grupo de Intervenção de Operações Especiais) is the GNR’s Special Intervention Unit. All of its members are certified Special Operations Forces’ operators specialized in Counter-Terrorism. GIOE is the GNR’s last resort force, tasked with any mission whose dangerousness and complexity exceed the responsiveness capabilities of the rest of the forces, anywhere in Portugal or abroad.

5th Unit & 1st Unit

The Finnish Border Guard (Finnish: Rajavartiolaitos) is the national security agency responsible for enforcing the security of Finland’s borders. Positioned in the Southeast district as well as in the Gulf of Finland district, the Special Intervention Unit is equipped and prepared to execute the most demanding border security tasks throughout the whole country. In addition it is also prepared, if necessary, to support the police in special circumstances involving internal security.


The Special Suppressive Antiterrorist Unit (EKAM) is the Greek counter-terrorism unit of the Hellenic Police. It is the most distinguished branch of the Hellenic Police. It operates all around Greece and abroad whenever is deemed necessary and has confronted challenging hostage situations and dangerous criminals and terrorists arrests since its creation in 1978.